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Ho Slot Car Magnets

The tomy Ho Slot car parts viper neo 52 traction magnets is prime for playing your Ho Slot cars in the driving-highway, these magnets will make your games more exciting and easy-to-drive.

Slot Car Magnets

The 8 neo traction magnets for tyco 440440 x2 are practical for auto world, they hold 8 Slot car magnets and are made of plastic to make it effortless to store and control. The magnets are lightweight and make it basic to move around, making it straightforward to get your car started, these magnets are valuable tool for Ho Slot car enthusiasts of all ages! With their amazing 368 level 42 afx tomy magnet, you and all your friends will admire using these magnets to discount Ho Slot car games and items at the near future. The 8 Ho Slot car magnesium magnets are first-rate for getting into and the track! They can be used with or without the Ho Slot car children's toy car toy, they are facile to put on the car and remove when needed. The magnetic design keeps the car on the track, while the 8 car magnets pull the car up the track, these magnets are new and improved version of the popular viper pro-4 tyco 440 x2 Ho Slot car magnet. They are 2 pairs of magnets that can be used together or apart to move the car, the new design allows the car to move also in straight lines.