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Dog Rescue Car Magnets

Our dog magnets are the perfect way to make your pet feel special! They are made of high quality metal and are available in either a themed ordefault is dog, for your pet. They are also easy to order and take care of, just hot-link your pet's name and weight when ordering.

Dog Rescue Car Magnets Ebay

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Dog Rescue Car Magnets Walmart

These magnets are perfect for your dog! They are sturdy and make a great addition to your rescue car. this is a set of six mini dog magnets that you can use to hold onto a hemispherical refrigerator or car freezer. The magnets are made of durable plastic and have a bright pink color to them. They are designed to keep your little dog safe and comfortable. this is a great way to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Magnet up two different keywords on the side of the car so that your dog can be easily found when they are lost or stranded. this magnetic dog rescue car is perfect for those who lost their furry friend! The magnets can be attached to your door or wall to represent aars (amelia earhart sanders), the dog who saved herself by going up against large animals.