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Blank Car Magnets

This car carmagnet. Org sheet is strong and durable - perfect for your business!

Blank Car Magnets Wholesale

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Car Magnets Blank

The car magnets are made of 12-foot-wide sheeting of blank magnetic sign sheet. The sheet is 30-mil clear plastic with a blue and white magnetic strip. The magnets are as wide as 12-foot-wide and as tall as 50 feet. this is a great set of 26 car magnets for thekeeper of a blank car. This is a perfect set for that special someone who loves to drive a car. The magnets can be used to help focus attention on the task at hand and help the car become a place where car enthusiasts can purchase their goods. Additionally, the magnets can be used to help the car become a place where friends can talk about topics of the week. car magnetic sign sheet is perfect for 12 width cars and 5 foot 30 feet. This sign has a white background and is blank on the top and bottom. It is then filled with hot magnetic wire. The wire is then fastening with a knot. The car then requires no fastening other than the mag-new sign prague car magneticsigns is the perfect choice for your car signage needs. Oursheet is a 12x10 inchsheet that is designed to provide you with the best car sign technology and design. Oursheet is made of 30feet of durable magnetic material that can be stuck in any spot on your car.